Why Choose Netop Live Guide?


Why Choose Netop Live Guide?

Nearly all businesses are feeling pressure to keep up with changing market demands and developments. At the same time innovations in social media have brought about a change in customer behavior – more and more, customers are online, on the move, texting and chatting in real time for both business and pleasure. So why choose Live Guide over the competition?

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Customer service and support teams manage three to four times as many inquiries when using chat than by email or phone. Shorter wait times combined with faster resolution means a better bottom line for your company and greater satisfaction for your customers.

Full-featured, easy-to-implement SaaS

From video chat to remote access, from multi-metric reporting to proactive chat, Live Guide has all the features and functions that your business needs. We've designed Live Guide to be easy to implement and use without sacrificing functionality.

Proven return on investment

Live Guide helps you create a more efficient working environment for your service agents, and that means faster responses, higher sales and reduced operating costs. Since chat operators can handle multiple sessions simultaneously, you save money by increasing per-agent productivity. Live Guide users routinely experience a return on investment within three to six months.

Instant online engagement

You can deploy a Live Guide chat campaign anywhere you can put a link - on your website, in electronic documents, emails, online ads and social media campaigns. From anywhere on the web, you can instantly engage your customers face-to-face.

A trusted solution

No other company has more experience building secure remote connections than Netop. We've used our expertise serving the world's most heavily regulated companies to make Live Guide the most secure and reliable chat solution available.

Rock-solid support and proven expertise

Our in-depth market knowledge and respected technical expertise make us a partner of choice for Fortune 100 companies worldwide. Our world-class technical support ensures that each of our customer organisations can make the most of Live Guide to increase sales, improve customer support, reduce service costs and build brand loyalty.

Multilingual solution

Support all the languages your customers speak. With Live Guide it's easy to customise messages and customer facing labels into most Western languages, and route customers to operators who speak their language.

Meet tomorrow’s needs today

Live Guide is super scalable and you only pay for what you need. Whatever your goals, today or tomorrow, count on Live Guide as an easy-to-use service that will adapt to your changing business needs and the evolving demands of your customers.


Live Guide Benefits

Live Guide Benefits

Instantly get face-to-face with customers through online audio and video chat

Manage inquiries three to four times more efficiently than by phone or email

Escalate easily to co-browsing or remote control sessions for faster issue resolution

Use pre-chat forms and intelligent routing to connect customers with the right resources

Intuitive interface and easy implementation mean your team can be chatting in minutes


Live Guide Features

Flexible plans with powerful features

Live Guide Features

Flexible plans with powerful features

Click to chat
With the click of a button on your site customers can immediately connect with your IT or customer service team.


Audio and video chat
Get face-to-face instantly with visitors to your site or through social media, email, SMS and online ad campaigns with no download.

Mobile Chat
Chat with your customers using iPads, iPhones and Android devices through SMS, your site or social media.


Guide your customers around your site and to other web-based resources through a shared browser window.

Proactive chat
Proactively invite site visitors to chat with your service or sales team to increase conversions and satisfaction.


Social media and email
Embed live chat functionality in emails, SMS, online advertising and social media - including Facebook and Twitter.

Enterprise security
Safeguard your customers and your company with Live Guide's advanced security and encryption.


Customer intelligence
Get the information you need to provide efficient and personalised service to your customers.

Comprehensive reporting
Monitor operator and campaign performance with detailed, multi-metric analytics and exportable reports.


Advanced routing and workflow
Manage multiple, simultaneous inbound requests and route customers to multiple departments.

Remote Assistance
Access customer computers to quickly address service issues and improve first-call resolution rates.


Remote View
View customers' screens instantly for rapid diagnosis of customers' service issues.

Stored history and logs
Record and maintain data from every chat to give operators insight into customer histories.


Surveys and forms
Create custom questionnaires to collect customer information and feedback before, after and during chats

Preview chats and forms
Allow operators to preview customer forms before chats and see customers' questions as they type.


Prepared responses
Automate responses to frequently asked questions to improve efficiency and standardise service.

Integrate with ticketing, CRM and other core business systems through RESTful APIs and ready-made modules.


Hosted solution
Live Guide is fully-hosted - there is nothing for you to download or install and no software to maintain.

Easy to use
Designed for optimal operator efficiency, with intuitive controls and a customisable interface.


Create customised chat buttons that match your website and maximize your brand.

Get started easily
Simply log in and you can roll out your first live chat campaign within minutes. Start a free trial today.


Live Guide Customers

Who uses online chat software from Netop?

Live Guide Customers

Who uses online chat software from Netop?

E-Commerce and Online Retail

Netop Live Guide has helped a wide range of companies to sell their products and services more effectively online. The results include reduced shopping cart abandonment, increased online sales and larger average order sizes.

"We live in a digital world, and our customers are increasingly starting to seek information and purchase products and subscriptions online. They are accustomed to social media where they chat with their friends, so it's only a natural progression that more and more customers want to chat with us instead of calling" - David Demsitz, Head of Online, Hi3G
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Online Service and Support

Help desks everywhere are increasing their quality of service and decreasing their costs by migrating interactions to live chat. Netop Live Guide provides unsurpassed remote support capabilities to meet the needs of customer service and IT help desk teams.

"Netop Live Guide gives us bottom-line savings and also allows our customers to experience super-efficient service" - Martin W. Larsen, Online Manager, e-Conomic
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Public Sector

Local government agencies from fire departments to social service and healthcare centers are increasingly turning to Netop Live Guide to provide an online channel to improve citizen access to services.

"It's all about providing our residents the best technology that's out there, at a reasonable price." - JR Gamez, Redwood City Police Department
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"Netop Live Guide has completely transformed the whole job seeking experience by unlocking more opportunities for job seekers, as well as employers." - Pascale Woodruff, Project Coordinator, European Commission
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Financial Institutions

Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions worldwide have turned to Netop Live Guide to help them engage customers, increase retention and differentiate their services.

"We are now at the point of developing the video chat-based part of our customer service in the more specialized aspects of our business, such as portfolio management and private banking." - Thomas Egede Kragh, Nykredit
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"We would recommend Live Guide to others - and, in fact, have - based on our experience, which has been outstanding." - Heather Fixler, AVP for Project Management, First Savings Bank Northwest
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