Introducing The Netop Portal

Browser-based remote support

The Netop Remote Control Portal is a central online hub for providing access and remote support to your remote systems on any network. The Portal includes Netop's browser-based support console for lightweight, go-anywhere remote support and fast collaboration without the need to install any software.

Start your free 30-day trial

It only takes a few clicks to create your portal account, download an agent on a target device and start using Netop Remote Control.  Click the button below to begin your free trial.

Start seeing the benefits

The Netop Remote Control Portal was released with version 12.0 of Netop Remote Control and provides the following benefits:

  • Cloud-hosted access for support staff, external vendors and mobile employees
  • Streamlined interface with fast and easy connectivity
  • Simple and easy to collaborate and escalate remote support sessions
  • Manage user access to the Portal from a central location
  • Secure remote control compliant with industry standards
  • Authenticate connecting users using your existing identity management systems
  • Detailed audit trails and session recordings
  • Broad platform support to reach different end points

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