[WEBINAR] Securing Remote Access

With data breaches continuing to climb, you can't settle for basic security policies. View this recorded webinar from Netop where they cover the advanced steps needed to address vulnerabilities at each stage of a remote access session.

Netop Vision for Chromebooks 1.4.0 released

An update for Netop Vision for Chromebooks includes natural ordering when choosing to sort student cards by name and improves connectivity for students when running demo functionality with large classes.

[FREE GUIDE] Securing Remote Access Strategies

In this free workbook, Netop layout both the basic security practices that all businesses should follow as well as advanced techniques for a more sophisticated approach to remote access security.

Netop Remote Control 12.75 Now Available

Free for existing customers with a valid 12.70 license key, version 12.75 introduces improved Portal support for Linux and Mac components along with changes in the automatic update process for Windows components, making it easier for customers to stay up-to-date with the latest releases.

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Netop Vision 9.6 Now Available

This new version release for Windows now includes web filtering capabilities for the Edge browser. Customers with valid Netop Advantage support and maintenance will receive this release at no extra charge.

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Announcing new releases of Netop Remote Control and Netop Mobile

Netop Remote Control version 12.72 introduces the ability to white-list applications during a remote-control session. Remote control administrators can now restrict a remote-control session to one or multiple applications installed on a Host machine.

The new maintenance release of Netop Remote Control Mobile fixes several issues for both Android and Windows Mobile and CE Hosts. In addition, the new version of the Android Host provides support for several new device manufacturers

Announcing Netop Remote Control 12.71

This maintenance release of Netop Remote Control supports synchronous authentication flows between the Netop Security Server and Remote Authentication Dial-In User Services (RADIUS). The synchronous authentication flow will coexist with the existing asynchronous authentication.

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Maitek Pass Cyber Essentials Assessment

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats. In a continued effort to demonstrate good security practise and ongoing commitment to protecting personal data, Maitek Solutions have gained Cyber Essentials self-assessment certification.

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